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Campaign Material

These pdf files allow you to adventure in the world of the Shattered Empire, a fantasy world based loosely on the period of the three kingdoms liberally mixed with Hong Kong martial arts movies, wuxia elements, and dark fantasy (Moorcock, Lovecraft).

So here are the goodies (all D&D, D20, Oriental Adventures compatible):
Shattered Empire Introductionpdf, jpg (cover)
An Epic Quest / Campaignpdf
Monsters of the Empirepdf
NPCs of the Shattered Empirepdf
Way of the Wu Jenpdf
Way of the Spirit Folkpdf
Way of the Warriorpdf
Way of the Hengeyokaipdf
Martial Artspdf
Magic Itemspdf
Prestige Classespdf

The following gazetteers are suitable for players and DMs alike.
Gaz1: Lawless Lands Gazetteerpdf
Gaz2: Nezumi Network Gazetteer pdf
Gaz3: Illithids Gazetteer pdf
Gaz4: The Floating Cities pdf
Gaz5: The City of Butterflies pdf
Gaz6: The Monastery of Purifying Snow pdf
Gaz7: The Islands of Yupang pdf
Gaz8: The Tengu Spires pdf

There are also some scenario sets here - castles, haunted houses etc. They might fit into others Oriental settings as well, so why not check them out? Most work with maps from the maps section.
Temple of Airpdf
Jiao Ba's Towerpdf
Underwater Ruins of Naga-Nothpdf
The Ma-Gog Deltapdf

You are allowed to use all of this material, put it on your website (if you mention this site closeby), and print it. However, if you do so, be kind enough to drop me a mail (with Oriental somewhere in the subject, I get tons of spam).