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The Oriental Adventure

Welcome to this rescource site for the D20 System's D&D Oriental Adventures source book, published and copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. On this site you will find several adventures based on a pseudo-Chinese Oriental Adventures setting, maps with an oriental theme, as well as campaign information for the Shattered Empire with gazetteers covering interesting locations, new spells (which are both applicable for Oriental Adventure's Wu Jen class and the original arcane spellcasters from the D&D player's handbook), and prestige classes galore. Also, new martial arts styles are presented.

I hope that you enjoy this site and that you are able to use at least some of the sorce material here, even if not playing in an oriental setting!

Wednesday the 12th, March 2003OK, that is it. There is a new adventure (which you can use as a prelude for the final showdown) and a new gazetteer - but this is most likely the final update for a long time. Our group has stopped playing Oriental Adventures and therefore I will not make new stuff for it. If you enjoyed my site, you might want to check out the Fantasy hardpoint, the site for my new campaign! It was a pleasure, and thanks for all the nice emails I got from you. Take Care!
Saturday the 25th, Jan 2003Banzai! The surprise I talked about is here - an interview with James Wyatt, the designer of Oriental Adventures. It sure answered some questions for me (but then, I was the one who asked them <grin>). Enjoy it! Not much other stuff here that is new, but there will be a new adventure next month.
Friday the 13th, Dec 2002Boy, creepy stuff happening - just heard of a real life cannibal here in Germany who ate somebody and taped it! Brrr, hope he was no gamer. ;) Anyway, in a more peaceful vein, new OA for you on my site. Plus a super-secretive announcement: If all goes well, I might have a special goody for you the next time.
17th October 2002Praise the Dark Gods. I have gotten around updating lots of campaign material, two maps (I personally love the 'spa' a lot - gotta have some combat there), updated the campaign journal in the misc section... Check out the new prestige classes and martial arts material. My favourite villain (Dong Fei) has gotten a level update, complete with a new spell.
10th September 2002OK, finally some new stuff for you. There are new maps and in the misc. section there are corel draw files with parts that I made to make my maps. Use these to make your own maps and send them to me if you like. There is also a new adventure and some updated campaign material.
7th July 2002Hi guys, I added a new adventure (OA7) and a new map (eternal dragon inn).
16th May 2002I updated the map section (marginally) but there is some stuff in the campaign section, notably new NPCs, some new Martial Arts, and Wu Jen stuff.
4th April 2002The map section has gotten some new stuff, as has the campaign material. I have created a few new wu jen spells, some magic items, and a prestige class - the chaos champion (probably not everyones cup of tea but it fits into my Moorcock streak). There are also two new adventures.
25th Feb 2002I added some new maps of underground locations. These maps are supposed to be part of a gigantic Nezumi underground city. Also I made some updates in the Campaign section and there is a new adventure out.

This site is dedicated to provide you with free downloads of maps, adventures, and a full campaign setting. I made all this for the game I run at home, but I still hope it is 'professional' enough for your tastes. If you want to give me, Dieter Rachen, feedback, you can do so here.

The button bar to the left will allow you to access the various download areas. All of it is for D&D Oriental Adventures, most of it pdf, some of it jpg. All of it is free and pure fan material - no illegal stuff here!

You are allowed to use all of it, put it on your website (if you mention this site closeby), and print it. However, if you do so, be kind enough to drop me a mail (with Oriental somewhere in the subject, I get tons of spam).

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